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In light of the concerns surrounding Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we would like to provide you with an update about the precautionary measures we are taking as an organisation in relation to our people and the contact they may have with members of your organisation, and the wider community.

We can assure you that while we always take the cleanliness and hygiene standards of our facilities very seriously, we are taking extra measures to ensure a high level of precaution and risk reduction is being met by the following measures:

Toowoomba Safety Training staff guidelines
We have provided the following guidelines to our people:

  • If any team members, or their immediate family or household members, have travelled through any of the higher risk and moderate risk countries that the Department of Health identifies at any time, they must immediately isolate themselves and work from home for 14 days from the date of their return. They may return to work if at the end of 14 days self-isolation they are showing no symptoms;
  • If team members develop any of the identified symptoms, they are too seek immediate medical attention. They may not return to work until we have a medical certificate clearing them for work;
  • If they have contact with a person with suspected COVID-19, they must immediately isolate themselves and work from home for 14 days. They may return to work if at the end of 14 days self-isolation they are showing no symptoms, or earlier if the suspected case has been confirmed as having tested negative for COVID-19;
  • If they have contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19, they must immediately isolate themselves and work from home for 14 days. They will not be permitted to come back to work until they are declared medically fit and have provided a medical clearance certifying them free of COVID-19.

In any of these situations, our team members may not attend our offices, those of our clients or any other business locations.

People attending our facilities – Training
Due to the ongoing and rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, and to ensure the safety of all of our students attending training at Toowoomba Safety Training, we are requiring all visitors to fill-out a COVID-19 self-declaration form preceding any training. This will be available from next week with further information regarding this process to be circulated and we will speak with each of our clients individually to work in with their processes also.

We also ask that visitors not attend our facilities if they: have been in contact with a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, or if they are experiencing any symptoms and instead arrange meetings using alternative means. We are providing details of our controls to people attending training in our facilities and requesting that they also follow them.

Training facilities, high touch areas and equipment clean
All of our equipment is cleaned multiple times each week. In addition to this, the staff will be conducting extra cleaning of surfaces and equipment daily to ensure a higher level of cleanliness. Each day,trainers and staff will be paying extra attention cleansing and sterilising high touch surfaces such as door handles and bench tops, safety and training equipment.

Ongoing safety focus
We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and will continue to provide updates to you as appropriate. Our approach is to manage the situation in a balanced, reasonable, and responsible way, and when required, act swiftly and communicate clearly.

Please let us know if our people should be aware of any requirements you have put in place for your organisation. We are keen to work closely together with a shared focus on ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our people (both yours and ours), our clients, our families, and our industry.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the above or if we can assist you or your organisation in any way.

Kind regards,

The Toowoomba Safety Training Team